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Screens and Barriers

Exeter is committed to enhancing commercial security efforts across the United States with our advanced, long-lasting “Protection you can see thru.” We continue to provide industry-leading window protection with superior physical deterrent properties to defend your commercial building or government property against any level of thread. Our window security screens are engineered to withstand threat levels all the way through maximum security. We understand that, when it comes to your staff, security, and assets, there is no room for vulnerability. Exeter will do everything in our power to enhance your safety while maintaining the original appearance and integrity of your commercial structure.

Exeter Security Window Screen and Barrier Technology

Exeter window screens have been engineered for threat levels up to maximum security (HUD/SMA) and have exceeded testing requirements set forth by ANSI/SMA 6001 for impact, forced entry, and sag.

Our security window screens and barriers are engineered from the super transparent InvisiPerf I and extra strong InvisiPerf II perforated barrier components to defend your property against any threat level. Exeter offers a range of security screen services tailored to meet your security needs. These window screens (levels 3 through 6) exceed impact, static, and cyclical tests set forth by the Dade County Building Code Compliance Protocols TAS-201, 202, and 203 and conform to Sections 2315 2314.5 of the South Florida Building Code.

Industry-Leading Window Screen Security and Visibility

Exeter security screens virtually disappear to a building occupant looking outside. Our screens have 51-63 percent open area in the black barrier membrane (perforated with an InvisiPerf pattern). You and your staff will maintain a comfortable view of the outside world without sacrificing safety.

From a short distance away, Exeter security screens give the appearance of a clear window with tinted glass. With custom-designed and finished framing systems fabricated to fit each opening, Exeter Window Barriers are an aesthetically pleasing security option for any structure. We are pleased that Exeter’s window barriers have been installed on some of America’s most prominent buildings on the National Historic Register.

In Case of Emergency – Security Screen Egress and Evacuation

Your safety comes first. This is why some Exeter Security Window Screens are equipped with state-of-the-art panic release mechanisms (SEOs) to provide easy egress in an emergency situation. Your Exeter expert can help you determine if these egress options are right for your building.

Security Testing

Exeter Security Barriers and Hurricane Window Screens undergo rigorous testing to ensure that all product levels meet or exceed building standards. Exeter products are engineered to protect you from more than just intruders. The highest levels of protection include: Miami Dade Category 5 hurricane protection, Blast Protection and Electronic Espionage Protection.  Your Exeter representative will assist you with identifying the right product to fit your needs.

An Industry Leader

Exeter has been the trusted supplier of commercial security screens across the United States for over 30 years. Our security experts are committed to protecting every property we serve with exceptional defensive materials. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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Exeter hurricane rated window screens are trusted across the country to defend commercial buildings from extreme storms, violent wind, and harmful debris. We tailor our unique storm solutions based on building size, shape, budget, and weather expectations. Our screens are engineered, manufactured, and installed in accordance with Miami-Dade County NOA, the Florida Building Code, SBCCI, IBCC, the Texas Department of Insurance, and other governing body requirements.

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