Custom Built Solutions to Protect Your Home

whether you are in the market for residential shutters, window screens, or patio screens, we manufacture and install the industry’s leading products to help you defend your home.

Residential Storm Shutters

Exterior window shutters are architecturally appealing and engineered to protect your home. Exeter custom designs, manufactures, and installs hurricane rated shutters and non-rated decorative shutters for every unique property.

Plantation shutters are one of the most popular exterior shutter options, classified by their durability and low-maintenance elegance. Exeter offers Hurricane Rated and Non-Rated Plantation shutters.

Bahama shutters are a popular dual-purpose storm shutter option. These shutters provide visibility from inside your home while simultaneously shading the window area. Exeter offers Hurricane Rated and Non-Rated Bahama shutters.

For a more rustic shutter design, Board and Batten shutters have become an increasingly popular economical residential storm shutter option. Exeter offers Hurricane Rated and Non-Rated Board and Batten shutters.

With a push of a button, Roll Down Hurricane shutters provide storm and security protection. These shutters offer manual crank, battery pack, and motor options. They are easy to operate from the interior of your home. Roll Down shutters have the option to manually operate them from either inside or outside of your home or office.

Widely considered one of the most cost-effective hurricane shutter options, Accordion shutters are designed to open and close quickly and withstand violent storms and intruders. They are most often used for wide openings or windows.

Homeowners consider storm panels when looking for a less permanent, economical solution to protect their property from storms and hurricanes. This option offers more protection than plywood. They are lightweight and easy to install and store.

Window Screens

Exeter offers high-tech residential storm and security window screen solutions for any structure. Customized to fit each window, Exeter Screens are built to withstand extreme weather and determined intruders. It’s protection you can “see thru.”

Security Window Screens

Exeter Security Window Screens combine state-of-the-art security technology with a comfortable, transparent design aesthetic suitable for every home.

Patio Screens

Exeter offers durable patio storm and security screen enclosures for patios of all shapes and sizes. So if you are looking to protect your patio from intruders or hurricane force winds, Exeter offers custom-fitted patio screen solutions for every home.

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Exeter hurricane rated window screens are trusted across the country to defend commercial buildings from extreme storms, violent wind, and harmful debris. We tailor our unique storm solutions based on building size, shape, budget, and weather expectations. Our screens are engineered, manufactured, and installed in accordance with Miami-Dade County NOA, the Florida Building Code, SBCCI, IBCC, the Texas Department of Insurance, and other governing body requirements.