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Exeter Architectural Products work with some of the leading minds in the storm defense and security industries. Before making an important decision, such as determining the next steps for residential or commercial security, we want our customers to have all the information they need at their fingertips to make a well-informed decision. Exeter offers a plethora of detailed, up-to-date information to keep customers advised on our products, services, and industry updates. Explore our resources to learn more about what Exeter can do to improve your storm barriers or security!

Exeter’s foundational product, Security Barriers, was the first product in the industry to incorporate the use of heavy-duty perforated metal combined with specially designed reinforced extruded aluminum framing, hinges, and quick release locking mechanisms. In 1992, Exeter’s patented design was awarded a silver medal by the Industrial Design Society of America and Business Week magazine for being one of “The Best New Products In America.” The strong “see through” barrier with emergency egress capabilities became the product of choice among government buildings, hospitals, colleges, universities, inner-city schools, and housing authorities.

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Exeter hurricane rated window screens are trusted across the country to defend commercial buildings from extreme storms, violent wind, and harmful debris. We tailor our unique storm solutions based on building size, shape, budget, and weather expectations. Our screens are engineered, manufactured, and installed in accordance with Miami-Dade County NOA, the Florida Building Code, SBCCI, IBCC, the Texas Department of Insurance, and other governing body requirements.