Mounting Options

Window Screen Installation

Exeter manages quick and easy window screen installation for projects of all sizes. Our window barriers are engineered to accommodate safe, secure installation by offering the following two basic mounting options:

  • Face Mount
  • Inset Mount

Your Exeter expert will evaluate your property and determine the correct mount required to attach your window screens.

What is a Face Mount?

A face mount window screen installation is relatively self-explanatory. The window barrier is attached to the building on the outside of the window opening and mounts directly into the face of the wood, brick, or concrete surround.

hurricane shutters
window screen replacement

What is an Inset Mount?

An Inset Mount is when the Exeter window screen is attached to the building on the inside of the window opening when adequate reveal allows for this application and mounts into the revealed substrate of wood, brick, or concrete.

window screen replacement
window screen replacement

Benefits of Hurricane Screen Mounts

Exeter hurricane-rated screens are designed to withstand the most violent storms and protect your property. We manufacture and install units made from the toughest custom-engineered components that are designed to withstand the most damaging winds and dangerous debris. Our experts will fit your hurricane screen precisely to ensure your home and family are protected year-round.

Types of Exeter Hurricane Rated Screens

There’s a hurricane-rated screen for every home and commercial property. The experts at Exeter Architectural Products have the experience and dedication to help you determine which storm screen solution is right for you.

  • Ready Mount. The Ready Mount is an effective window unit that involves an easy, one-time installation. It can be left in the window or removed for storage at the customer’s discretion. Preparing for a storm is as easy as sliding the barrier into the head member and securing it with stainless steel pins. Ready Mount barriers provide storm protection, added security, and sun protection without detracting from the architectural integrity of the building.
  • Bahama Mount. The Bahama Mount combines the effective durability of an Exeter storm screen with the versatility of a Bahama shutter design. The unit quickly retracts and locks into place with four easy push pins. This in-place shutter is also a practical system for multi-story properties.
  • Side Hinge. The Exeter hurricane-rated Side Hinge screen can be fitted with a panic release latch. This barriers style is used when the customer desires that the hurricane barrier system be opened in the event of a fire or life safety emergency. This style is a side-hinged operable unit with a single-point release mechanism that complies with NFPA 101B requirements.
  • Fixed Mount. The Fixed Mount Unit is permanently installed over an opening. These mounts are in place twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and require no preparation in the event of a hurricane. This style is ideal for openings that are harder to prepare for storms, such as second-floor windows. Also great for fixed windows. Fixed Mount units provide storm protection, added security, and sun protection.
  • Top Hinge. Exeter Hurricane Barriers can be fitted with two top hinges to allow access for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Top hinged units are secured with stainless steel pins, positioned on the inside or outside of the unit. Top-hinged units can also be fitted with a lock to allow only authorized personnel to access the unit.

Window Screen Mount Styles

Exeter Architectural Products offer three window barrier styles suitable for diverse customer’s needs. These powerful window barriers are manufactured in the following three styles:

  • Fixed
  • Operable
  • Operable with State-of-the-Art Life Safety

Exeter Window Screen Fixed Style

The Fixed Style of window barrier offers exceptional storm screen protection by providing a strong physical barrier from vandalism, airborne debris, and unauthorized intrusion in locations where an egress window is not required. (Egress windows are windows large enough that they meet local business codes for entry and exit in the event of an emergency.) These window barriers are permanent installations and cannot be opened and closed.

These barriers are permanently attached and ideal for application at glass sidelights, vision lights indoors, and custom-shaped windows.

Exeter Window Screen Operable Style

Operable Style window barriers are hinged to allow egress from inside of the opening or access from the exterior. From the inside, egress can be managed with a selection of security pins or spring-loaded bolts. From the outside, access to the windows for maintenance purposes can be managed with the addition of cam locks or commercial deadlocks (for master keyed system applications) to the window barriers.

Exeter Window Screen Operable Style With Life Safety Release

Where life-safety or local fire codes designate the need for egress through protected window openings, the operable (hinged) style Security Shield™ Window Barriers are equipped with state-of-the-art panic release mechanisms (SEOs) to provide easy egress in an emergency situation. The unique cocking mechanism of the Exeter Window Screen SEO allows for the smooth release of two locking bolts by a simple push of the single-point release pad.

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