Solar Screens

Solar-Rated Screens

All Exeter screens are solar-rated, meaning they do more than just protect your home against storms and intruders. They also provide extremely beneficial environmental advantages to both residential and commercial structures. Solar screens can help regulate indoor temperatures and promote significant energy savings for customers. Exeter window screens can reduce indoor heat and block a substantial percentage of the sun’s energy, lessening the strain on your air conditioner. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie – Window Screens Lead to Energy Savings

Independent laboratory testing of Exeter’s window barriers with perforated steel panel infill determined the Shading Coefficient of the installations to be 0.51, affording a reduction in solar heat gain through the protected openings of almost fifty percent. This leads to a significant energy savings potential for customers.

Window Screens Protect Against Ultraviolet Rays

The perforated metal in Exeter’s window screens has been proven to deflect much of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays, offering a level of sun control that is only found with commercially installed sun screens. Most importantly, Exeter window screens block harmful UV rays without inhibiting your view of the outside world.

Save Energy with Solar Screens

Reducing the solar heat gain is a practical method for saving energy. For example, just sixty square feet of glass can admit as much as 12,000 BTU of heat each hour, requiring one extra ton of air conditioning. By installing Exeter storm and security barriers over the existing glass, the amount of solar heat being introduced through the opening is reduced by almost 50%.

Solar Window Screens and Ventilation

Studies show that energy costs go down when the need for air conditioning is reduced. Window screens enable safe ventilation and airflow, reducing the temptation to turn the air conditioner all the way down.

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