Warranties by Exeter

Exeter Architectural Products (EAP) provides warranties for all our Security and Storm Screens, Barriers, and Shutters, protecting against most damage, including chipping, blistering, cracks, and more. Our security and storm barriers each have a unique warranty based upon the materials and design, and our sales team will identify and communicate the warranty specifications before your final purchase. All Exeter warranties begin on the date of installation. Terms and conditions may apply. All products not manufactured by Exeter Architectural Products are covered under the warranty determined by the original distributor or manufacturer.

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Exeter hurricane rated window screens are trusted across the country to defend commercial buildings from extreme storms, violent wind, and harmful debris. We tailor our unique storm solutions based on building size, shape, budget, and weather expectations. Our screens are engineered, manufactured, and installed in accordance with Miami-Dade County NOA, the Florida Building Code, SBCCI, IBCC, the Texas Department of Insurance, and other governing body requirements.