Exterior window treatments have plenty of benefits. This includes blocking unwanted natural light, boosting your property’s energy efficiency, improving both your home/building’s exterior and interior overall appeal, as well as hurricane protection. Hence, if you’re planning to spruce things up, you should consider replacing any outdated exterior window treatments with plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters, as commonly called in the Southern U.S, or colonial shutters, are one of the best types of window treatment you can invest in. Not only will these exterior window shutters complement your home’s overall appearance but understanding the nature of these shutters will give you peace of mind that they’re going to be worth your investment.

To give you more information about these shutters, read on to learn the essential things to keep in mind before buying from a trusted company, like Exeter Architectural Products.


Wind Rating

During heavy hurricanes or thunderstorms, there’s a huge chance that houses and buildings in the Gulf Coast Area, primarily Louisiana, may be destroyed or damaged due to the wind’s powerful force. To prevent any devastating and costly damage, experts recommend that windows, doors, roofs, and garage doors should always be assessed based on the material’s durability.

When it comes to windows, plantation shutters are ideal as they can provide much-needed protection against high winds, especially if they’re well-built and securely installed. Besides, a plantation shutter looks more architecturally appealing than rollaway shutters. So, by having plantation shutters, you’ll end up with window treatments that are both functional and decorative.



Hurricane shutters are made of different materials. However, if the shutters are made from these materials, then you’ll have long-lasting and effective window shutters.

Aluminum Colonial Shutters

Aluminum is considered the strongest material on the market, making it perfect for homeowners and business owners who value security and privacy. As aluminum is made of valuable properties, its durability is likened to steel, yet it’s three times lighter than iron, and more durable than wood.  Exeter Architectural Products offers a wide variety of exterior aluminum shutters that look like real wood shutters, as well as various levels of storm protection.

Here are the benefits you get when you invest in aluminum colonial shutters:

  • Versatile fit for both windows and doors.
  • Termite and rot resistant
  • Resilient against the most extreme elements for outdoor use.
  • Up to 100% privacy and security control.
  • Installed with divider rails, brackets, and hinges for smooth operation.

Decorative Plantation Shutters

Exeter Decorative Plantation shutters share the same aesthetic appeal as aluminum shutters. The decorative variety is made from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) which is made from versatile thermoplastic. They’re also widely known for their durability, as well as corrosive-resisting and high-performing properties. Additionally, these shutters’ 100% water-resistant materials ensure that they won’t warp or rust, making them an ideal decorative exterior window treatment. While this material is not hurricane rated, PVC plantation shutters offer multiple advantages:

  • Their dual closure blades generate a streamlined appearance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can withstand rough handling by children and pets.
  • Eco-friendly since it’s made from solid, non-toxic, synthetic material.
  • Cost-friendly option.


Plantation shutters are a cheaper way to enhance your windows, which, in return, increases your living space’s appeal. Since these window shutters are typically made from durable materials, you don’t have to spend a lot of your time maintaining them. Also, if you opt for a customized plantation shutter, you can easily fit it onto any of your window frames.

Moreover, both customized and pre-built hurricane shutters that perfectly fit a window frame will keep sunlight and cold weather away. This means you don’t have to blast your HVAC system as strongly during warmer and colder months. As a result, you can lessen your utility bill, helping you save money.

Custom Sizing

A trusted manufacturer like Exeter will create custom shutters based on the dimensions of your windows. Meanwhile, if you decide to go for ready-made options, keep in mind that your options will be limited to the available sizes. This means that if you have any non-standard or unusually shaped windows, it’s best to opt for customized plantation shutters.

Aesthetics: Color, Style

To continue with the point above, if you opt for ready-made window shutters, it’s important to note that you may have limited materials and colors. This is especially true if you’re sourcing the shutter from a non-trusted supplier, most of which may not deliver a wide range of choices. That’s why it’s highly advisable to choose custom-made plantation shutters.

In addition to sizing, having custom-made window shutters will give you the freedom to choose any color, finish, material, and texture. Hence, you can be certain that the plantation shutter you choose will complement the existing theme of your home.


Just because a particular hurricane shutter fits another home, it doesn’t mean that it’ll also match your home’s window treatment; every home is different. Moreover, choosing the same size for all of your windows isn’t recommended since every room in your house may have different window spaces. A small difference, even an inch, can render the entire installation process troublesome.

As a solution, it’s best to measure your window spaces first. By doing so, even if you purchase a custom or pre-built shutter, you’ll have the necessary measurements to gauge if the product is right for your windows. In return, the entire installation process will go smoothly.

Alternatively, we can install your shutters for you if you’re based in or around Southeastern Louisiana.


Quality hardware and mounting options are important when purchasing exterior plantation shutters. Whether you are installing them yourself or will utilize a professional installer, your hardware should be durable, long lasting and rust free.


All colonial shutters are easy to use, whether for those suffering from physical disability, senior citizens, or small children. Plantation shutters can be fixed in place for decorative purposes or operational.  Unlike manual rolldown shutters or storm panels, plantation shutters can be easily closed and latched providing the homeowner with privacy and protection.


A reliable manufacturer and retailer, such as Exeter Architectural Products (EAP) has warranties for all hurricane screens, barriers, and shutters. The warranty will cover most types of damage that the shutter may sustain, like blistering, cracks, chipping, and more. Furthermore, EAP’s plantation shutters have a unique warranty based on the shutter’s design and materials –– you’ll get to know the specifications of the warranty before purchasing any shutter.

Invest in Plantation Shutters Today!

Now that you know the essential considerations to make before buying plantation shutters, the next step is to find a quality retailer. Exeter hurricane shutters and exterior windows screens are designed by industry experts, accenting the exterior of your home, as well as safeguarding you from violent winds, intruders, and any destructive debris.

Exeter will tailor or custom-fit the shutter based on budget, building size, shape, and weather expectations. It’s no wonder we’re responsible for protecting some of America’s most prominent buildings and military bases.

So, if you’re looking for architecturally pleasing and functional plantation shutters, contact Exeter Architectural Products today!