Being a business owner comes with a lot of responsibility. Whether you manage an enormous government facility, mid-size building, or small business, your future success will likely be defined by the quality of your building security. At Exeter, our security and storm screen barriers exceed industry standards based upon the level of protection. This blog will focus heavily on how security screens can enhance your security efforts, but professionals know that great overall security is a combination of preventative and enhanced security methods. Continue reading to learn a few easy ways you can bolster your commercial security to avoid dangerous intruders and property damage.

Conduct Regular Threat Assessments

With the development of technology and weaponry, the security needs of commercial and government buildings are changing on an annual basis. Conduct regular security assessments to identify possible vulnerabilities in your current situation.

1) Exeter Security Window Screens and Barriers

First thing’s first. Let’s talk screens and barriers! Exeter security screens are customizable to handle threat levels through maximum security (HUD/SMA) and have exceeded testing requirements set forth by ANSI/SMA 6001 for impact, forced entry, and sag. These window screens (levels 3 through 6) exceed impact, static, and cyclical tests set forth by the Dade County Building Code Compliance Protocols. We are proud to say that our window barriers currently protect some of America’s most prominent buildings on the National Historic Register and fortified military bases!

Benefits of Exeter Commercial Security Window Screens

Security Window Screens provide more than protection against potential vandals and intruders. They can also help you save energy, protect against unwanted electronic waves, and provide emergency egress options.

  • From a short distance away, Exeter security screens give the appearance of a clear window with tinted glass. With custom-designed and finished framing systems fabricated to fit each opening, Exeter Window Barriers are an aesthetically pleasing security option for any structure.
  • Customized Approach. Exeter offers both perforated metal and mesh security screen options, customizable to fit your security needs.
  • Solar Screens. Independent laboratory testing of Exeter’s window barriers with perforated steel panel infill determined the Shading Coefficient of the installations to be 0.51, affording a reduction in solar heat gain through the protected openings of almost fifty percent.
  • Bomb Blast Protection. Government agencies and first responders recognize the lifesaving and property-saving value of 24/7 protection from flying glass and debris in the event of an explosion.
  • EMI/RFI Shielding. Window Barriers offer a proven method for shielding electro-magnetic and radio interference.
  • Exeter manufactures and installs local security screens and barriers. For non-local security screens, Exeter ships customized screens and materials required for installation.

In addition to Exeter security screens and barriers, there are other ways to enhance your security protocols and protect your building.

2) Update Your Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are one of the quickest ways to update your building security. Modern alarms are designed to trigger and alert authorities at the sign of an intruder. This level of protection offers an immediate defense against potential threats to your property. These alarms can be managed remotely and provide around-the-clock protection.

3) Evaluate Your Video Surveillance

Digital video surveillance is the ultimate commercial building security device. When determining which video surveillance is right for your building, consider your high-priority needs. Most commercial and government buildings require the following:

  • High-definition video coverage
  • Comprehensive views of the property
  • Motion-censored recording
  • 24/7 recording capabilities

Digital surveillance allows you to provide evidence in the event the police need to become involved after the intrusion. Video surveillance is beneficial for investigations after a crime has occurred. Cameras should be used in combination with other security methods, such as Exeter security screens.

4) Alert Intruders You Have Security

Most burglars are unprepared to break into a property. In fact, according to a study conducted by the University of North Carolina, 41% of burglars acted on the “spur of the moment.” Simply alerting potential intruders that you have an alarm and security system through visible signage may be a big enough deterrent.

5) Maintenance and Reevaluation

Part of a successful threat protection plan is the ability to constantly maintain existing threat deterrents and reevaluate the need for updated equipment and technology. Many of our clients came to us after realizing that cameras and alarms are most beneficial after a serious break-in. Exeter screens protect against the highest threat levels to prevent intruders from entering the building.

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